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How to Make a Viral Video

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What exactly does it mean for a video to go viral? It means that the video is blowing up on the internet! For a video to truly go viral it has to start with a minimum of a million views. Usually it happens pretty instantly or within a month. The characteristics of a viral video are generally pretty similar. It usually involves comedy, animals or somebody getting hurt. Here are a few ways to get your video to go viral!

  1. Pets equal views.  For some reason the human race is enamored with cats and dogs doing silly things.  Whether its humping a poor lad or a cat that likes to do backflips, animals are equal views.  There are entire websites that just upload cat videos and earn serious revenue from the advertising.  That means there is a HUGE demand for animal videos.  I’m not sure when this started but people just can’t get enough of watching the common household pet do something ridiculous.  To me it seems played out at this point but since animals are so unpredictable it makes for enjoyable videos no matter how many times we’ve seen variations of the same video.  Check out cat stalker while you’re at it.  The bottom line is that if your video is lacking in any department, throw a cat in the mix with some sort of costume on it and you’re bound to generate a few hundred thousand based on just those merits.  The video doesn’t even have to be interesting but if a cat walks across the screen dressed in a cat woman outfit, people will laugh, love it and share it with all their friends for years.
  2. Humor sells.  The common denominator of most videos that do well is that they are humorous in some way or another.  Whether you just like people falling on their face or pranking somebody else, humor tops the list of viral videos.  People want to smile at the end of the day, its no surprise.  They go to YouTube to make themselves forget about whatever is going on in their life. Humor and making people smile is always the best recipe to getting a video to go viral.  You never see sad depressing videos doing real well on YouTube.  Nobody wants to be brought down to that level.  It’s not entertaining to feel sad after watching a video.  Nobody wants that unless you get sick pleasure out of others suffering.  The moral of the story is that if you make a funny video about pets you’ll have 10 billion views by next week.
  3. Videos for communities.  One of the easiest ways to generate views is to create a video for a specific built in group or community.  Give these groups of people something they can relate to and it’ll spread like wildfire.  They want you to create these kind of videos because it helps build awareness to their passions and life activities.  They are much more likely to share these types of videos with their friends because its more likely that their group of friends will be into the same things as they are.  Create specific content for specific niches and keep in mind that the bigger the community the better!
  4. Special FX.  These days its easy to implement effects into videos with little to no video editing knowledge.  The effects don’t have to be of the same caliber as Avatar, but a little stop motion goes a long ways.  Don’t have a stop motion camera?  Well the iPhone has an app called iMotion HD that allows you to film entire sequences with ease.  I’ve used the app a couple times and its super easy to export the videos after you’re done.  Look at Gotye, he’s made a career off stop motion videos.
  5. Be Real.  Vloggers and  people that simply talk honestly in front of their computers tend to build huge followings.  People love to hear the no-nonsense, won’t take any bullshit type of attitude.  There is a giant market out there for it and it tends to remind me of the Andrew Dice Clay era except in front of computer screens.  Talk candidly about what drives you insane and there will be millions of people out there that feel the same way.  Be real and the viral effect will take ahold of your videos and give them a life of their own.

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